Moving Tips

There are always new things to learn when it comes to moving so we try to provide our clients tips that will save them time and money and really benefit them when that moving day comes.

Suit cases – They are about to become your best friend, you can stack lots of items in suit cases like clothes or linen and bedding and just wheel them around if they have the handy wheels on the bottom of them. Nice and easy solution of making ‘moving’ work for you in a very positive way.

Rugs and towels – I know most of us can say we have slid on a rug or towel by accident but now you can use the slide feature to your advantage. If you have wooden floors and don’t want to scratch them up then load heavy items on to the rug and just slide them around to where you want them to go.

Keys and remotes – If you are moving to a new place then make sure the previous occupant has left behind any keys and remotes you might need. The last thing you want to discover is you move to a new place and they have taken the remotes for the ceiling fans and garage doors. You can’t access certain areas because they are locked so you might have to get a locksmith in. It can really be another headache you don’t need.

Beds – Once you get to that new location we know you are going to be worn out, if it’s a long distance move and you have spent a fair amount of time in the car you will not feel like unpacking that same day. We suggest you have stuff on hand to make up beds so you and the kids can get a good night sleep and start the unpacking process first thing in the morning.

Moving Sale – There is a good chance you will discover lots of stuff you don’t need when packing stuff up. You can have a moving sale to get rid of items or donate to family and friends plus charities. There are plenty of classified sites online like craigslist and backpage, classifiedads where you can list items for sale for free.

Frozen Items – People always forget about food in the fridge and freezer. Don’t go on a mad shopping spree a week before the move because the food will spoil during the move. If you have made this mistake then store items in coolers with plenty of ice or ask a friend to store stuff for you in their fridge freezer.



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